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Andros is the northernmost and second largest island of the Cyclades island complex. It’s just two hours from the port of Rafina and it is known for its beautiful beaches with crystal blue waters. Although the Cyclades islands are known for their rough, water deprived landscapes Andros is an exception as it features rich green element and has abundant water. Due to this it was also named "Hydroussa" in ancient times from the word “Hydor” meaning water. Culture, picturesque streets, fragrant gardens, neoclassical mansions, unforgettable sunsets, gorgeous beaches, Andros has plenty to overwhelm your senses and capture your thoughts.

The four main settlements of the island are Gavrio the main port of the island, the traditional settlement of Batsi with its bustling nightlife, the capital Chora with its open air theater, museums and art galleries and the coastal village of Korthi.

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